Mile High Skyscraper


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October 3, 2013:
Competition and modular design techniques in China may create skyscraper race.



Right now it is hard to fill office space in a regular skyscraper, so imagine filling a mile high unit, even with apartments. Who is going to take a commute just to get to the ground floor? How much will it shake in an earthquake? Will the altitude change cause people to get sick?

Can a mile high skyscraper be built?

Incredible forces to overcome when building a mile high skyscraper

Construction of a mile high skyscraper begins with a plan that has been thoroughly tested in supercomputers and in real-life experience. Architects designing such incredibly complex buildings have to plan for hundred-year events like freak windstorms, blowing sand and dust, the logistics of washing windows, and the potential for terror attacks and fires. Furthermore, mile high skyscrapers need to be built from the ground up and the inside out, so it is very important to understand how finishing touches like glass and steel work can be done at altitude in order to prevent crane accidents and material from falling thousands of feet onto people below the site. From a real estate consideration, someone must plan on how and when the building will be occupied, by whom, and how all the extra square footage in such a skyscraper will lower the price of real estate in the surrounding area.

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